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First Dates and the cars that take us there

To say that I love cars is a complete understatement of a real, verifiable fact. I dream of finding that rare, vintage hot rod that only needs a little wrench time and some paint (because who wants to love someone else's color) to be the last truly awesome ride I will ever need. The reality of the situation is simple though: I (more than likely) have many years of car buying and selling ahead of me.

I have had a sick amount of vehicles in my day. My very first ride was a 1972 Chevelle Malibu. I remember her as a sleek sexy ride. She was obviously old when my Grand Father gave her to me in 1992 with the instruction that I had a few years before I was going to be driving and I should use that time to restore her. 2007 (that would be 15 years later) saw me finally selling her, unrestored, since I didn't want to leave her in storage while I spent my time over seas.

I actually let the Malibu go very cheap. I had offers over the years while the old girl was running that ranged from in…

Gift Giving

My wife's birthday is a month after our wedding anniversary to the day. For her birthday I came up with a jewelry box made of some very nice mahogany inlaid metal carved doors. The gift was based on the fact that for the last year my gifts of jewelry has been rather... generous. 
For her birthday the year we met I bought her a Jane Seymour Open Heart pendant and necklace. Since then the necklace has not really been off her neck except for the one time that the clasp broke and we had to send it in for repair. I think she has really loved that necklace. I've bought her earrings and three rings from the set since then.
When this birthday rolled around she very specifically forbade me from buying jewelry. She none too subtle hint at what present to buy was," Don't buy me anymore jewelry. I don't have anywhere to keep it." How can a good husband resist a sales pitch with that much directness so unsubtle in its delivery? 
Come to find out there is a formula to use whe…