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The sounds of love for Valentine’s Day

Last year for Valentine’s day I went all out for my fiancee. I planned ahead in my gift giving and got very thorough. I will admit I was trying hard to impress. My plan was simple. I would buy my little lady a gift from each of the major categories of the love inspired holiday: Chocolates, Flowers, Jewelry, a card, a stuffed animal. I did each of those things a little special. I bought her a gold dipped rose… First off, I like it. It is a rose DIPPED IN GOLD! Secondly, it won’t rot and have to get tossed. I bought her two dozen chocolate dipped strawberries: One dozen milk chocolate and one dozen white chocolate. Strawberries happen to be her favorite fruit. I bought her another piece of jewelry:the Jane Seymour collection… well I double dipped and bought the earrings and another ring. The bear and the card were less special and specific but I picked out a very well written card and the bear was cute. My plan this year was pretty simple. I intended to buy her another gold rose, and m…