Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seeing things the Way they are...

My blog thus far tells lots of amusing little stories. That is a big part of who I am. I am the eternal narrator. When I played games (usually) by myself as a kid I didn't really play with my legos as a kid. I built things and then I told a story in my quite little voice giving my little smiley faced lego men (and I didn't have lego women) dialogue. To this day I feel better when I am telling stories, fact or fiction, and that is the big part of why I blog when I do blog.

There is another aspect to the writing for me. I write my posts in an attempt at human connection. I think everyone craves that on one level or another. I want validation that other people feel the way I feel. Sadly even with a facebook account, twitter, and a blog I don't get it. That is the biggest reason why my blogging has fallen into a funk. Oh my I just admitted I am needy. Which is a big part of what is on my mind.

I love my stories. I also love other people's stories. I have my favorite authors all lined up on my bookshelf. Benjamin Hofff ranks high on that list. The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet have been a good influence on me in a lot of ways. If you aren't familiar with Winnie-The-Pooh I just have absolutely no way  of helping you. Taoism  on the other hand may not be a super familiar subject for everyone. Mr. Hoff explains it using A.A. Milne's characters from Winnie-The-Pooh and The House on Pooh Corner.

Both books deal with the principals of Taoism in a simple straight forward way. Pooh is a great example of the power of uncomplicated thinking. Pooh can fix things that great thinkers like Owl and Rabbit cannot because he sees things as  they are. Piglet as we all know is a Very Small Animal. While he is scared and frightened most of the time when the rubber meets the road, as it were, Piglet finds he has the courage to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Find the books and read them. They are smart, funny and enlightening, if you have any inclination to improve your happiness or the way you think find them and read them.

It put me in mind of how silly the world operates. For example, the USA is supposedly founded on the idea of religious freedom and the equal rights of all human beings to be free. Now we are starting  to call Easter a spring celebration and Easter Eggs Seasonal Spheres. If this is supposed to be a country that allows all religions, races, and creeds to coexisist then we should do just that. Instead of getting rid of all the proper names for things we should just stop being all politically correct and trying not to offend anyone and instead ask that everyone be equally understanding of one another. In fact, it would seem to me that might mean a more broad and enjoyable life for everyone. It also might get us more federal holidays.

It seems to me that we as people are trying to take away all the rough edges that make one race or religion of people different from one another. That is the wrong way to go. Instead we should all make way for one another. I, personally, wouldn't be opposed to my work place allowing a devout Muslim a time and place to pray at work. In fact, it might offend me if they didn't. I might want to join in and learn something. A little prayer never hurt anyone. I certainly have enjoyed the chances I have had to try things differently than what I was raised with. In the end those ways may not have been mine but that didn't make them right or wrong. Recycling in Germany was done very right and we as a country could take a major lesson in that arena.

Being politically correct seems like the right path, but in all reality it is Satan's plan in action. We are taking the Christ out of Christmas and the East out of Easter....oh wait that was Jesus too. When people in the States are starting to object  to an Easter bunny we might have lost our way. Next thing you know the Spring Chicken is going to be making his rounds handing out candy while Santa Claus comes around to bring presents to all the kids because it is cold out. For those of you that do not know the rabbit and the jolly old fat guy aren't religious symbols.

Come to think of it maybe they are the real religious symbols for our country and time. Perhaps the real face of our celebrations secular and otherwise are commercial inventions bankrupt of all religious, moral, and ethical value. The department of human services will be arresting parents who refuse to buy bad kids presents for the winter holiday. Police will start citing people who make insensitive remarks about celebrating Christmas or Easter.

<step down off soap box and take three deep breaths>

We all need to take a lesson from Pooh Bear and put the complex bullshit that we call valid behind us. For me I think I am going to go find a jar of honey and try to learn to be that kind of Bear. Happy Easter everybody. No matter how you celebrate or why Happy Easter.

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