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Seeing things the Way they are...

My blog thus far tells lots of amusing little stories. That is a big part of who I am. I am the eternal narrator. When I played games (usually) by myself as a kid I didn't really play with my legos as a kid. I built things and then I told a story in my quite little voice giving my little smiley faced lego men (and I didn't have lego women) dialogue. To this day I feel better when I am telling stories, fact or fiction, and that is the big part of why I blog when I do blog.

There is another aspect to the writing for me. I write my posts in an attempt at human connection. I think everyone craves that on one level or another. I want validation that other people feel the way I feel. Sadly even with a facebook account, twitter, and a blog I don't get it. That is the biggest reason why my blogging has fallen into a funk. Oh my I just admitted I am needy. Which is a big part of what is on my mind.

I love my stories. I also love other people's stories. I have my favorite authors …