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To UMD or not to UMD.

The future of PlayStation Portable is ditching the UMD. I was slightly surprised at this move given the “failure” of the PSPgo. I own a PSP 1000 and a PSPgo. I had the PSP long before I got my PS3 and was very happy to find that the PSP was made triply useful by the PS3 and the introduction of the PSN store. So when Sony rolled out the PSPgo I was stoked. Many of the titles I was spending time with were PSone Classics or PSN releases intended downloaded to the PSP. The PSPgo has a nice small stature and fits easily into my pocket. It didn’t bring anything new to the PSP experience for me, but it did make my portable gaming a little more portable. To be quite honest, it was a little less embarrassing to tote the PSPgo around with me particularly if I were to duck into the bathroom. The larger unit stuck out of my back pocket and simply advertised the idea that I was engaged in the stall. The PSPgo was a little bit of a victory in that department. Which was all good until Final Fantasy…