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Stupid Tax

I have said for a number of years now that there needs to be a tax on stupidity. It turns out the joke is on me. I have been paying a stupid tax for the last 17 years or so on a regular basis. I even paid a stupid tax while abroad in Germany.
Are you asking yourself yet what I am talking about? What is a stupid tax?
In my case it is speeding tickets. 2011 has been my year of the ticket. I have been pulled over at least a dozen times this year. Almost all of those stops have resulted in a ticket. Luckily, in a few of those cases, I have been able to show that I replaced a head light or a turn signal bulb and got the charges dismissed. Most of the time though, I got a ticket for driving too fast. I got my ticket...and I paid my ticket.
I do want to call attention to the fact I am not complaining about the police. Knoxville Police Department has been the majority of my interactions, but I have visited with the Knoxville Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The most recent…


What do I do with myself now? This post requires a bit of background on me. I am the only child son of an only child mother. My Dad has siblings although none who are very close even when I was a kid. I was and am a very spoiled kid. Being spoiled is nice, but the downside to not having brothers and sisters is I spent a lot of time alone. It doesn’t help that I am not good at maintaining friendships. When I was little I learned very quickly that my mother had no patience for me saying, “ I am bored. “ or any variation thereof. If I made the mistake of making that statement, Mom was more than happy to cure my boredom with manual labor. Her choice of the task was usually running the vacuum cleaner. Her big metal Kirby made many, many trips around the house pushed by my scrawny arms. I am sure what upper body strength I had before starting school, and later archery, came from lugging around that big blue beast. I was never stupid, hated to vacuum, and I learned to keep myself entertaine…