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Hallmark Holidays

I am working hard these days to not define my present in contrast to the past with my wife. It is frustrating that some days that is easier to accomplish than others. I am a planner by nature and so I have thought ahead to all of the things that are potential emotional pitfalls. I have to admit Valentine’s Day is a big one. I have written about this before, but maybe it is worth going into again. I still believe I am inspired write and say words at times so that the right people will read or hear them. I will do my level best to not make this a terribly whiny or emotional trip down memory lane. I am getting better. My writing should be reflecting that. I had a hard time with Valentine’s Day as a kid. Middle school was probably the hardest time for me. I felt pretty ostracized, and it wasn’t until years later that I realized most people felt exactly the same way. Maybe I was a selfish kid and only thought about how much I wanted to be liked. Maybe I was too inwardly focused (a problem…