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Title Change

I don’t know that I ever explained why I named my blog Flawed Perception, but today a better title came along. Flawed Perception is all about the way I see the world. When I was a teenager those Magic Eye pictures became very popular. I remember that my French teacher was a big fan and had several books of Magic Eye pictures, and all the time I spent staring at them never let me see the “hidden” picture. (Ewwww it’s a schooner) All of the other people in my class would say things like.”You gotta relax your eyes.” There is probably a medical reason that I cannot see them no matter how much I relaxed my eyes. I have astigmatism. That is the excuse that I use that I CANNOT see those Magic Eye pictures. My eyes just work differently. I see things differently (Hahaha! You dumb bastard. It’s a sailboat.) Flawed Perception goes deeper than that though. Sure my eyes don’t work very well, but I am surely functional. My worldview is different than the people around me too, and that has been tr…