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Return of the Eldrazi

In the first Hellboy movie, Professor Broom says something to the effect of,” They’re back. In my lifetime they’re back,” when talking about the return of Rasputin and his evil followers. That sort of sums of my feelings about the Eldrazi in Battle for Zendikar. I am excited in a sort of horribly apprehensive way. Confession time! I wasn’t playing Magic during Rise of the Eldrazi. I left sometime after Onslaught and I did not return until Gatecrash. Man, I missed a lot during that time. With Battle for Zendikar’s full preview hitting the website this Friday, I am putting a lot of thought into post-rotation Standard. Before I get into what I am thinking about the future I want to take a quick romp down memory lane. Just because I didn’t play during the original Zendikar block doesn’t mean I didn’t get to feel the full might of the Eldrazi. As I was getting back into Magic I found friends at my job that were also big into the game. I sold my original collection and the cards I had were…