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Things that go bump in the night

Happy (a few days after) Halloween! I cannot help myself but post something spooky and Halloween related today. I have to give thanks (its a month early for that, ha) to my friend Schaye for the conversation that led to this post. Inspiration is a blessing no matter when or how it is received.
Halloween is arguably a holiday for kids these days, but it was not always. I do not want to spend the pages necessary to explain the alleged history of Halloween. If you are reading this you have access to Google and Wikipedia. Use them… or maybe you shouldn’t. Tonight is all about celebrating things that scare us and knowledge is the tool that humans use to fight off the fear of the unknown. When knowledge fails us we normally default to faith. For tonight, and for this post, it might be more fun to lay aside knowledge and faith. Have some fear…if only for one night and one post. As a species, Humans are obsessed with the things that scare us a lot more than one night of the year. Horror movie…