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My Marvel-ous Project

I could not bring myself to write about one of my latest mad little projects. I make it a practice to never (read this as not often, or maybe occasionally) do things that I am ashamed of. This blog will be all about something I am not particularly proud of. I decided to take a stand against a Comic Book Publisher. I will try to keep this spoiler free as long as possible, I will warn you when the spoilers start.
I love clear continuity. It doesn’t exist in too many formats anymore. DC has a cinematic universe, a TV universe, a comic universe, and even within their comic universe there are 52 separate but (mostly) equal realities. Keeping it in order involves a flow chart, the Dewey Decimal system, and the equivalent of a Ph.D. in comic book studies from the University of Krypton, Gotham Campus. Marvel, oh my sweet glorious Marvel, to my knowledge had never clarified how many parallel realities were contained in its universes. It too has the cinematic universe but that takes place in th…

Doing Nothing While Walking The Path

When I was a kid one of the worst trespasses you could commit toward my Mother was to whine and say,” I’m bored.” The punishment for this sin was, for me at least, vacuuming. To this day I hate to vacuum. I do not like to say I am in any way intelligent. (I have come to believe I am entirely devoid of smarts.) When I was a kid though I was quickly conditioned to not say,” I am bored.” because I did NOT want to vacuum.
For the majority of my life, I believed that Mom detested pointless whining. That is certainly true, but the truth of why she hated that particular complaint is a little more meaningful. When a child complains,” I’m bored.” what is actually being said is,”Pay attention to me because I am unable to occupy myself.” This is a problem on multiple fronts. Parents SHOULD pay their kids attention, but kids should also be able to occupy their own minds for at least some time. A child unable to do this quickly becomes troublesome for their parents. Over time this devolves into so…

Divine Dictation

I am rereading On Writing by Stephen King. This is my third complete read and probably my twentieth return to this particular font of inspiration. It is an important Work. I believe he knew that as he wrote it. My favorite quote from the book is,”Writers are blessed stenographers taking divine dictation.”

Master King also, in plain simple language, says that writing is telepathy. This isn’t a metaphor or an analogy. He means this as a literal truth, or perhaps it is a literary truth (BAM bad pun!). I know that he has not been locked up in a mental ward for stating this fact. Don’t any of you go doubting my sanity for agreeing with his observation? You won’t. I know you all. I know your minds from all the time you spend reading mine. I trust all of you. Because of that fact, I am going to go bravely out on a limb here and expose some of the deeper chambers of my mind and soul using this Magic.
Before we go there together, I do want to say that there has been something of a resurgence of…