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A Quest: Magic the Gathering

I have always enjoyed adventure stories where a hero or heroes are charged with completing some Quest. Since I was a kid I have come up with quests for myself. I set myself a Quest to read the Bible cover to cover. I set myself a quest to play all of the Mario Brothers games (play not complete). I set myself a quest to see all of the endings to the game Chronotrigger. I set myself a quest to read all of the work of Robert Howard. I set myself a quest to beat all of the Final Fantasy games in order (I have repeated this one several times). I set myself a quest to complete all of the Legend of Zelda games. I set myself a quest to play all of the printed adventures for Dungeons and Dragons (OE and AD&D). A lot of my quests center around reading or playing games. I did set myself a quest to collect all of the X-men titles ever printed (counting reprints as valid). I also have quested to grow out my hair. I have quested to run complete a 5k. Quests are fun. Normally, I do not share my…

Positive and Kind Does Not Mean Stupid

I hate the feeling of being taken advantage of or used. That feeling is not one I can accept or grow accustomed to. I think I struggle with it because when someone takes advantage of you they have gotten past your intelligence and fooled you into believing them or, worse yet, believing in them. That makes me feel stupid. I never like feeling stupid.
I am the world champion of wanting to believe the best of people. It makes me an easy mark. You read it here first. David is a gullible idiot that thinks people are basically good and decent. What’s more, I also believe that people want to be liked and respected in the same way that I do. I am quickly approaching forty years old with two children and three failed marriages. I keep making the same mistakes I made at fifteen.
I hear Elizabeth and my Mom out there saying,” The fact you do believe in people is a big part of what makes you great.” They are right to say so. I respond to people with genuine interest because I genuinely like people…