Saturday, April 21, 2018

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It should not be a surprise that I take a lot of pride in what I write and post. I have been writing a blog off and on for 13 years (as of July 29 this year).Today, I had a great discovery. I can post older things I have written on this website under the date they were originally written.
This may not seem important, but it should give my site a bit deeper continuity. That means that my Archives will have depth and weight soon. I want this site to be complete.
There are some exceptions to my plan to repost everything. First, I am going to edit heavily for grammar. I have grown as a writer. The unedited posts would pain me. Second, I am not going to post The Wizard’s Task on the original dates. I have already reintroduced it. I see no sense in keeping the timeline strict. Finally, some of my more controversial old posts may just not make their way here.
Editing for content feels acceptable, but I am going to accelerate this process. If the post is hateful or ignorant I won’t post it rather than trying to clean it up in a rewrite. I also may or may not have all of the pictures from the original posts. Hard drive failure is a real problem.

I hope there are folks out there enjoying what I write. I want subscribers. Currently, I am my only subscriber. I hope that will change. Getting my new posts via email is kind of neat. Then again, I may be my own biggest fan.

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