Monday, April 23, 2018

How I spend my Time

I am so happy that I have subscribed to and kept archives of my writing. Being able to get all my blog posts on this one website feels almost like compiling a book. Granted, that book would be a completely random and disjointed reading experience.
Still, I believe you make time for the things you care about without your ability to do so. There are so many people and things I want to spend time with and cannot due to my current circumstances. That is one of the greatest struggles of my life. Maybe giving a brief (for me) snapshot of a day of my life would illuminate my situation a bit.
My week runs Sunday through Saturday. I could spend a few hours writing about the illusion of time and the human perception of it. That would likely be much more boring than talking about my routine.
Since today is Sunday, it is an easy place to start. I do my best to be off on the weekends. My current role at work allows me to set my own schedule which really helps out. Since Mom died, there is just so much to accomplish.
Sunday I normally try to get up at a decent hour. By this I mean I am up by 9 and normally moving by 11 or so. I spend those intervening two hours catching up on any paperwork I need to do. I pay bills. I make sure my metaphorical ducks are in a row. More than anything I take a little time to blog.
I write any time I get a free window to do so. I carry a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and a writing journal all the time. Blogging is not the most important writing that I do, but it is really near and dear to my heart.
I take a little time on Sunday mornings to build on the blog. I post up some older things I have written and then try to scratch out at least one new post. This time puts me in a (more or less) reflective state of mind. The hamster that runs on the little wheel in my head probably goes into fits Saturday night knowing I am about to put him through his paces.
After blogging, I tend to clean myself up, grab food, and then work on whatever project needs doing around this house. Two weeks ago we were building a steel shed. Last week I was tearing down an old wooden shed. This week I am cleaning out my old trailer so we can get it moved off the property. I normally work from lunch until after dark.
When the sun goes down it is time to eat again. I catch a meal with whatever members of the family are around. Weather permitting I try to ride the motorcycle to and from meals or when running errands on the weekend. This allows me a little time to relax and unwind. It also saves a bit of fuel. The Ninja gets almost double the fuel economy of the Veloster.
After dinner, I try to get my clothes washed and my bag packed for the work week. Lately, I try to work 4 ten hours shifts to get three day weekends. This is great because it is fewer hours spent driving and fewer days committed to work. I cannot afford to leave money on the table so I try to work a couple of hours of overtime each day I am scheduled.
I aim to take Monday or Friday off. Both of these are great days to keep appointments. I am also blessed to get an hour on each of these days with my youngest. I often also have a therapy appointment. This day is also when I try to upkeep the housework.
Those twelve hour days are normally eaten up by work, driving (or, weather permitting, riding), and other appointments. When I can I snag a meal or a few minutes with friends and family. I am not one to miss an opportunity.
Wednesday is new comic book day. I leave an hour early to give myself time to stop by Nirvana. A few minutes of chatting with my fellow nerds is therapeutic. I try to keep up with the latest and greatest in the comic world. Most of my reading time happens on breaks at work or right before bed. I am perpetually behind.
Saturday is a lot like Sunday. I normally get up earlier. When the sun goes down, I always plan to do something fun. Most weeks those plans fall through. Something perpetually comes up. I cancel board game night far too often. I neglect my friends because of this. I am happy that I have only lost the few dozens I have lost. The ones that stick around are really precious to me. They all seem to have more patience and understanding than most humans possess.
Any free moments not already accounted for are taken up by drama and disaster. I would say I spend 3 to 4 hours a day just putting out metaphorical fires. This is the part of my life I want to escape. Part of the reason that I titled my website “David’s Boring Blog” is that I want a nice mundane and boring life. I want to have ample free time to have to find ways to fill.

More than anything I want more time with my family and friends. I want to have long days spent talking, laughing, eating, and doing simple things together. I believe those days are coming. I spend a lot of time praying for the patience to get there.

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