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Abandoning Pretense

There is a fundamental difference between what most people claim they want to do and what they actually are willing to put the work in to accomplish. I certainly fall into this heading under most people. I am full of big ideas and the bluster to sound really excited and engaged with them. When the rubber meets the road though, in some cases, I am just not willing to enforce the discipline required to bring these ideas out of my head and into the world.
Today I have committed to changing my life. Rather than scattering myself between a host of different things I am going to embrace the things I am actually willing to see through to fruition. I have done various things over the years as commitment indicators. When it is time to talk about losing weight I will buy new work out gear, a gym bag, and a gym membership, but I never really walk through door of the gym.
One of the things I did to commit to getting back to recording a podcast was start my own website. I didn't just maintain …

Level 38

I wake up to an unfortunate habit. While it isn’t the first thing I do within a few minutes of being awake I grab my phone and check Facebook. I normally follow this with a quick run through Instagram. I finish out my social media wake up with Twitter. This morning I rolled through the usual variety of vague family updates, memes, and political rhetoric. I rarely comment. When I do it is often a huge mistake. Still, I often think to myself,” Self, I wish I could do something about this.” It isn’t that I believe I can fix racism, bigotry over sexual preference, biased thinking, or just wrong people being wrong in their thinking. I want to fix the impact these things have on the people I love. Sometimes that is a very sad thought. For those of us who live with feeling a connection to our friends, even the friends we rarely speak to, seeing outrage is painful. Not being able to meaningfully intervene causes a sense of helplessness and starts to taint my worldview. Today I realized I am …

Riding Sharon Carter: Honda CBR250R Review

Purchase Day: Sharon Carter I have certainly mentioned my new bike enough. I figure that she deserves a review. I had intended to write this yesterday. I spent the morning mowing and weed eating. I took a trip to meet with a guy about selling my Explorer. I worked a bit on said Explorer. About 3 o’clock in the afternoon I decided to grab breakfast. I hopped on Sharon Carter and shot up the road to Nease’s Deli. It isn’t even a 10 minute ride. I got there. I picked up my hot dogs and a bag of chips. I got everything stowed in my tail bag. I started the quick ride home… and the skies opened up. It rained hard until I was about a quarter mile from my drive way. I laughed hysterically and out loud almost the whole ride. I simply cannot ride this bike without getting rained on. I tell that story up front because I think Sharon Carter must have some jet ski parts on her or something. When I rode Irene I had to make a point to go out and ride in the rain to gain wet riding skills. It is as i…