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Making yourself scarce

I find it impossible to believe that there is not life beyond death. The basis of this faith is that I have never stopped observing, learning, and evolving. It would be such a profound waste for all of that to simply vanish at some point. I admit I do often learn a lesson and then apply it to my life, but I think that life all builds toward something greater beyond the comprehension of the living. I guess that is why I am a self styled philosopher. It is why I write. It is also why my little blog reads like the diary of a romantic mad man.
In my last post I talked about comfort being the enemy. I really internalized that lesson in a profound way. I am hitting the gym six days a week. I walk, jog, bike, squat, lift, and generally hustle. A side effect of this time spent being uncomfortable (other than the smaller belly and better cardiovascular health) is that I am much less available. I did not expect that to be such a powerful thing. I had forgot the law of supply and demand.
The law…