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Carrying a Beat

I love music. No. That isn't accurate. I LOVE MUSIC! Some of my very first blog posts were just lists of what I was really into at the time. This goes back to the hype of the original iPod, but I was collecting cassettes as a kid.
I clearly remember my first CDs. The main two I loved were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Soundtrack and Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby. I remember "converting" all my CDs into mp3s. I converted quite a few of my friend's CDs into my collection as well. I remember the debate on going completely "digital." I was convinced I would really miss having physical media.
 I also remember putting that huge CD binder in my car and knowing I would never really need to bring the discs inside since I could just shuffle my iTunes on my laptop. I remember spending tons of money on a car dock for my iPod and dragging that heavy CD binder back in the house and tossing it in the top of the closet. I remember hating myself for that when I…

Project DC

In August of 2017, I came up with an idea to explore the history of the DC Universe. I have always been a bigger fan of Marvel Comics. I have times that I have considered stopping reading DC entirely. Were it not for Scott Snyder, Tom King, and Batman I would.
Snyder's work has redeemed the DCU for me quite a bit. The current Justice League run has been fantastic. I stick around for the things you write. Why is anyone celebrating Bendis at DC when you already have Snyder on board?
 I have a love/hate relationship with Tom King. I will say his work overall is exceptional. There are some issues that I *ahem* take issue with. The first arc of the current run is still painful, as an example. Issue #54 right now feels like very weak sauce. The cool thing about Tom King's writing style is that the issue that I take exception to now is the very issue that turns out to be key to a plot later. This is a huge change in my opinion from my ranting and raving about the man on The Printed P…

Barbara Gordon: My Kawasaki Versys 300X

I am still very much motorcycle obsessed. I have my eye on fall riding. I am even thinking hard about how deep into winter I can stay on two wheels. I just don't enjoy driving a car as much as I used to.
Several months ago I set my sights on a Kawasaki KLR 650. I wanted a dual sport/ adventure bike. I like the height of the style. I also enjoy being able to go off-road with more certainty than you get on a street bike and still be street legal.
Dad started shopping for adventure bikes based on my interest. I had moved away from the KLR and started considering a VStrom or a Versys in the 650 weight class. In his shopping, Dad decided that these bikes were too big. They aren't comfortable to mount flat-footed (more on this later.), and they really have much bigger engines that are needed for around town adventure or commuting.
Dad discovered the Kawasaki Versys 300X. Picture the frame and size of the Versys 650 with the engine from a Ninja 300. All the adventure posture with Nin…