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Do not deal in the trivial

The reason that I upkeep an ever-evolving list of rules is to constantly improve upon the strategy that I apply to live my life. I believe that life is a zealous teacher. You either pay attention to the lessons you are forcibly taught or you will be taught a much more aggressive and painful lesson. While I do not believe in avoiding pain (a different rule for another post on another day), I do my best to take my hurts effectively the first time through.
I have been really struggling with a whole list of small niggling type problems. My larger issues still exist and I am working on addressing them methodically. Still, I feel very overwhelmed all the time because I am constantly battling every little frustrating nuisance that comes my way. This is a very effective trick of the devil. He is in the details after all.
At times it seems as if I am beset on all sides. I turn my back to put out a fire and a snake bites me on the ankle. I turn to treat that wound and someone takes the opportun…

Do Not Argue

I have very recently come into a fantastic piece of wisdom. It came as a shock to a man who loves words, but there is almost nothing accomplished by argument or debate. Since nothing can be gained there is no point in wasting time on it. In point of fact, the effort you waste on argument could be better used to accomplish your goals.
This is counter to everything about my logical, pragmatic nature. I am reasonable. I enjoy being reasoned with. I enjoy the art of conversational controversy because of this. The argument of the "opposing" side is often educational. I either realize there is another perspective worth considering or I gain an insight into the psychology of the person presenting their side. This receipt of information is a win-win.
Until recently, I believed there was an advantage in presenting the counterpoint. In most cases, this is completely wrong. The nature of humans is to work to their own self-interest. Because of this, most people use an argument as a gam…