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I am going to start this post with something totally unrelated to what I am going to post about. Tonight I realized that I am an addict. I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke cigarettes or weed. I don't do any type of pills or illegal drugs. My addiction is to the narrative.
I mainline Butcher, Rice, King, and Goodkind. I snort greedily my weekly fix of Batman, Justice League, X-men, Spider-man, and the Avengers. I run down obscure side quests in Skyrim. I shoot up expansion packs of Arkham Horror. I have a stash of movies, books, comics, and games to feed my addiction. I feed myself a steady diet of narratives in all their different presentations and from that I begin spinning stories of my own.
Interestingly enough, not all narratives are fictitious. One of my earliest ideas about writing a book was to put together a set of hints and tips for guys about how to get dates. I approached this work seriously by talking with all the women I could about what guys do wrong. What …