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My Least Favorite Words

Since 2018 was a trans-formative year with plenty of patience testing events and accompanying therapy I have tried to get more in touch with the emotions I feel. My amazing therapist described "typical" male emotions to me as follows:
Things are ok. I am not hungry, angry, and things are generally going my way. I am angry. Things are not ok and until I get them under control I am going to be pissed off.I want to breed. This is all about caveman lust and has to do with the physical act of love and nothing at all to do with hearts, flowers, and candy.I love you. This is typically reserved for our mothers and our children. It is affectionate and can most likely relate to a sense of comfort or protectiveness. *Optional* I am depressed or sad. This is often when the anger has worn off but the bad situation has not resolved itself. The good doctor explained this and I found myself thinking that his "typical man" had more modes of feeling than I typically express. For a nu…

Stolen Moments

Every once in a while I make a really great decision. That decision then leads me to some deeper understanding of life and the way I interact with it. This morning one of those wonderful confluences came to pass. This time I was savvy enough to realize it was happening, enjoy the moment while it lasted, and then share it here.
I have a serious work ethic. I hustle at my job. If I have "free" time at work I roll myself directly to the next task I need to accomplish and stay well ahead of the tide. As long as there are no fires to put out that need my direct attention this leads to a great amount of freedom in my job and a relative avoidance of stress.
To be quite fair, I take my breaks and lunches very seriously as well. I give myself about an hour and a half each day to take a break. One hour of that is time for me to not think about work and eat something. The other half hour is to do the work equivalent of socializing. I point this out so that no one takes the above paragr…