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Break Up Behavior

Picture it! Sicily! 1912!
God help me! I love the Golden Girls.
 Once upon a time two people meet. They like one another. They start spending time together. They develop a relationship. The relationship lasts whatever amount of time.Maybe they were engaged. Maybe they got married. Maybe there are some kids involved. No matter the circumstances, something happens. The relationship ends.
The natural feelings that happen at that point are pain, anger, confusion, betrayal, and a whole host of other negative things. I would say 90% of break ups turn really ugly. Names get called. Property gets stolen or destroyed. Disrespect is traded back and forth.
This makes very little sense. Even in the event of infidelity it is much better to calmly heal and move on to show the person your true value. At some point in time you desired, respected, and were into this person to the exclusion of all others. What is the point of losing your mind and acting out?
Psychologically speaking I think w…

Willpower Fatigue

We are, all of us humans, beings divided. Although I get the impression that we feel this to different degrees. Over the course of human history different scholars and visionaries have described this in different terms. I like the way Chip and Dan Heath describe it in their book Switch How to Change Things When Change is Hard. 
I picked this jewel up to read for work. I am a big fan of leadership and business literature in general. In Switch we are ultimately dealing with getting things done by dealing with people's logic and emotions. The book likens the emotional part of the brain to a full grown (and sometimes angry) elephant. The rational part of the mind then is the elephant's human rider. The very valid point made by this analogy is that our reason and logic gives us the illusion of being in control, but in all reality humans are primarily stupid emotional animals without any real guidance.
This very much is in connection with my view of life and living. I like to believ…