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I absolutely hate Age of X-man

Oh how I wish the title of this one said it all. I think that the concept behind this one was decent, and it just went grossly off the rails. Before I descend into my frustration with Age of X-man so far let me back up and lay some ground work. Think of this as a brief history of shame.
I love the X-men. I have been reading X-men comics off and on since 1987. There have been highs and lows for the X-men, but that is true of all comics. Creative teams change and it is tough sometimes to maintain a direction for a book
Personally, I blame Brian Michael Bendis. All of the recent lunacy started with his All New X-men and Children of the Atom story lines. To defend Benis and give blame where blame is due the most problematic part of X history (until recently) comes from Phoenix powered Cyclops killing Charles Xavier.
I love the fact that Scott basically throws a complete tantrum and the result is his life long mentor lying dead on a beach. What's more is I am not convinced that Xavier w…