Sunday, October 27, 2019

Comic Book Pull List for 10/30/2019

I am willing to wager that a good portion of the people who read by blog know me. It feels silly to keep reintroducing myself, but I find myself writing in an introductory voice none the less. In case you did not know, I host a podcast about comic books.

God, I feel dumb. I even mentioned the podcast in my introductory post.

The podcast is called The Printed Panel Podcast. You can find us on iTunes, Spreaker, and a few other groovy services. If you like listening then by all means check us out.

This is not a plug for the podcast. On the contrary, I realized that quite a few people probably don't like podcasts and may still want some guidance where comic books are concerned. This post will be my first attempt to do something about that.

I am going to type up my weekly pull list here. I will share my thoughts about the book as best as I am able. I do want to point out that my Subscription List is published on the blog. I will do my level best to update it monthly as Previews publishes. I may even get fancy and start listing release dates for things.

I really take this hobby a bit too seriously. Since this is the first time I have written one of these posts I will go to the effort of giving a quick synopsis of all these books... at least what I know thus far.


Knights Temporal #4 - Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Fran Galan
   Auguste de Riviere is a time displaced knight. Beyond that I don't know what the hell is going on with this book. I think I like it better that way. 


Batman Annual #4 - Writer: Tom King Artist Mike Norton & Jorge Fornes
  If you haven't been reading King's Batman, then you have missed a great run. The bad news is his last issue on the series comes at #86. The good news is he is going to be succeeded by James Tynion IV. 

DCeased #6 (of 6)- Writer: Tom Taylor Artists: Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards, & Stefano Guadiano
   DCeased is an alternate continuity event based on the idea of the Antilife equation being spread through the DCU turning anyone it infects into a crazy rage zombie. This is the final issue of the series. *Spoiler* They kill off Batman in the first issue. 

Harleen #2 (of 3) *Black Label* Writer/ Artist: Stejpan Sejic 
   This is a super intimate alternate reality look at the seduction/ transformation of Harley Quinn. It reads like a novel and is stunning in its visuals. 

Joker: Killer Smile #1 (of 3) *Black Label* Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
   With Harleen and Joker/ Harley Criminal Sanity dropping around the same time I would be super critical of this book... if it weren't being written by Jeff Lemire. 

The Last God: Book 1 of the Fellspyre Chronicles *Black Label* Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Artist : Ricardo Federici
   I am an absolute sucker for swords and sorcery or fantasy books. On those merits and the previewed cover art alone I will give this one a try. 

Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman Writer: Jeff Loveness Artist: Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy
   This is the 2nd in a series of Dark Multiverse tales. This "What if?!" focuses on Lois Lane being so grief stricken that she becomes the Eradicator. I loved Death of Superman way too much not to pick this up.


TMNT #99 Writer Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman Artist: Dave Wachter
   There is a female turtle. Splinter is locked away in the Foot Stronghold after losing leadership of the Foot Clan to Karai. Old Hob just mutated a group of humans who were watching Baxter Stockman's inaugural speech as Mayor of NYC. Why have you not been reading this book all along?


SFSX Safe Sex #2 Writer: Tina Horn Artist: Michael Dowling
   Set in an America where "The Party" has enforced laws about sex and decency, SFSX follows Avory's troubles fitting in. That isn't even 50% accurate, but it sounds like a great byline. This one is lightly pornographic and heavily political. So far, I agree with most of it though. 


Conan the Barbarian #10 Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Mahmud A. Asrar
   This is one of my favorite series. This issue is supposedly Conan's death. I might be impressed more if it actually is, but that wouldn't bode well for issue #11.

Dead Man Logan #12 (of 12) Writer: Ed Brisson Artist: Mike Henderson
   The end of Old Man Logan?

Death's Head #4 (of 4) Writer: Tini Howard Artist: Kei Zama
   This will be the end of a very satisfying story by Tini Howard. I read it as much out of love for her work as I did for Death's Head. 

Doctor Strange Annual #1 Writer: Pornsak Pichetshote & Tini Howard Artist: Andy MacDonald & Lalit Kumar Sharma
   I am about done with Doctor Strange, but again Tini Howard.

Excalibur #1 Writer: Tini Howard Artist: Marcus To
   How the F*&^ is Betsy Braddock Captain Britain? Apocalypse is a good guy now? Really? Like for really real? Also Tini Howard. I have been collecting Bagley's "Every Mutant Ever" Variants and Excalibur #1 is the 3rd part.

Savage Avengers Annual #1 Writer: Gerry Duggan Artist: Ron Garney
   Conan the Barbarian in the modern age. Do you need more? 

This should be an amazing week for comics. What am I missing on this list? What should I be reading that isn't here? 

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