Sunday, November 24, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 11/27/2019


Batman Beyond #38
   Will Batwoman Beyond actually be a new character? I am betting it will be Maxine. 
Detective Comics #1016
   I am enjoying Mrs. Freeze way too much. 
Flash #83
Last God #2
   I think this one has the makings of an epic. I also want this as a campaign setting for the world's best roleplaying game. 
Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis
   Think I should actually read Infinite Crisis first? 


Bettie Page Unbound #6


Criminal #10
Curse Words #25
   The last issue? Charles Soule is working hard on Star Wars and Undiscovered Country. I can see it ending here. Question is, will it be a happy ending?
East of West #44
   Also last arc. Jonathan Hickman is tying this one off to give his love to the X-men.


Avengers #27
   We literally got an issue last week. It was phenomenal though. I hope for more 1 million BC Starbrand. 
Conan 2099 #1 
    This is the main reason I am interested in the 2099 series.
Fallen Angels #2
   I admit I am so very skeptical of this book having legs.
New Mutants #2 
   Please be more interesting than the first issue. Please. 
Punisher 2099 #1 
   Because why not?
Uncanny X-men #266 Facsimile Edition 
   1st Appearance of Gambit. This is the holy grail for me. I traded mine away for a stupid New Mutants #98. Only Rob Liefeld is proud of me. 
Valkyrie Jane Foster #5
   Such an interesting cast so far. I love you Jason Aaron and Al Ewing.
X-Force #2
   They skinned Domino and assassinated Xavier in the first book. Why are you not drooling for this issue!


Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons II Painscape #3
   Do I need to explain the awesome here?


11/20's Pull List let me come to an ending with a few books that I pull. I decided to do away with Marked, Vampirella, Loki, and Safe Sex. My thoughts and feelings about these are all on the review episode of the podcast. Tough week. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 11/20/2019


Once & Future #4 Writer- Kieron Gillen Artist- Dan Mora


Batman #83 Writer Tom King Artist Mikel Janin
Batman Superman #4 Writer Joshua Williamson Artist David Marquez
Batman White Knight Presents: Von Freeze #1 Writer Sean Murphy Artist Klaus Janson
   How can you not love this world?
Green Lantern #85 Facsimile Edition
   This is a landmark issue. It confronted Roy Harper being addicted to Heroin. 
The Infected: Scarab #1 Writer- Dennis Hopless Artist- Freddie Williams II
   I am super excited to see "evil" Jamie Reyes.
Justice League #36 Writer Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV Artist- Francis Manapul
** The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage Writer- Jeff Lemire Artist- Bill Sienkiewicz
   I may pick this up. I am really torn and undecided. Black Label is the big selling point. I don't have any love or hate for the Question. I have a lack of exposure. Do I really want to change that?


Chassity #3 Writer- Leah Williams Artist- Daniel Maine
Vampirella #5 Writer- Christopher Priest Artist- Ergun Gunduz
   I am really torn on this title. I love Vampirella, but this run has been so nonsensical. I would hate to buy it just for the cover art. 


Canto #6 Writer- David M. Booher Artist- Drew Zucker


Crowded #10 Writer- Christopher Sebela Artist- Ro Stein & Red Brandt
Marked #2 Writer-David Hine & Brian Haberlin Artist- Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke
Outer Darkness #12 Writer- John Layman Artist- Afu Chan
Safe Sex #3 Writer- Tina Horn Artist- Alajandra Guitterez


2099 Alpha #1 Writer- Nick Spencer Artist- Viktor Bagdonavic
Absolute Carnage #5 Writer- Donny Cates Artist Ryan Stegman
Amazing Spider-man #34 2099 Writer- Nick Spencer Artist- Patrick Gleason
Avengers #26- Writer- Jason Aaron Artist Dale Keown
    1 billion BC Starbrand drawn by Dale Keown. 'nuff said!
Conan the Barbarian #11 Writer Jason Aaron Artist Mahmud A. Asrar
   *spoiler* He didn't die in the last one.
*** Deadpool #1 Writer- Kelly Thompson Artist- Chris Bachalo 
   Mr. Wilson gets his first ever female writer. I am intrigued. 
Excalibur #2 Writer- Tini Howard Artist Marcus To
Fantastic Four 2099 #1 Writer- Karla Pacheco Artist Ron Lim
Immortal Hulk #27 Writer- Al Ewing Artist- Joe Bennett
King Thor #3 Writer- Jason Aaron Artist Esad Ribic
Loki #5 Writer- Daniel Kibblesmith Artist- Andy MacDonald
Maurauders #2- Writer Gerry Duggan Artist- Matteo Lolli 


Moneyshot #2 Writer- Tim Seeley Artist- Kurt Michael Russell

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 11/13/2019


un/sacred #1 Writer/ Artist Mirka Andolfo 
   I will be honest that I have not looked too much into what this is about. The book has cutesey art. It is written and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo. I don't really need anything else. 

Dark Horse

Black Hammer/ Justice League #5 Writer- Jeff Lemire Artist- Michael Walsh
   I haven't read a single issue because I have not caught up on Black Hammer. I am collecting them on the premise of crossover events are historically fun. Also, Garin raves about this one. It is not published by DC though, Garin. 


Detective Comics #1015 Writer- Peter J Tomasi Artist- Doug Mahnke & Jamie Mendoza
   Mr. and Mrs. Freis. Who knew that Norah was a vicious bitch? 

Event Leviathan #6  Writer Brian Michael Bendis Artist Alex Maleev
   I expect this to end with long lasting repercussions for the DCU. I strongly suspect that the events here lead to Superman revealing his Clark Kent identity (though I could be wrong) I also cannot wait to see who is underneath the mask of Leviathan.

Flash #82 Writer Joshua Williamson Artist Rafa Sandoval
   Now begins the Reign of the Rogues? I mostly just love Captain Cold. 

Superman #17 Writer Brian Michael Bendis Artist Kevin Maguire & Sean Parsons
   I am picking this one up in anticipation of the big identity reveal in issue #18. 

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night Writer Tim Seeley Artist Kyle Hotz & Dexter Vines
   These have been so good. Much like the Elseworlds or What if?! series these books take seminal moments in the DCU's history and flip the script on the results. I cannot wait for this read. 


Sea of Stars #5 Writer- Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum Artist Stephen Green
   Honestly, I have struggled through this series. It is a Father/Son, Survival, Exploration book. It isn't bad. It just isn't my cup of tea. If this issue doesn't leave me wanting more I will drop this one. 


Age of Conan Valeria #4  Writer Meredith Finch Artist Aneke 
   Valeria really needs her own ongoing series. She is fierce, fun, and determined. I have enjoyed every issue. 

Fallen Angels #1 Writer- Bryan Edward Hill Artist- Szymon Kudanski
   Kwannon, Cable, and X-23. This could be fantastic. It also could be ridiculous. I am willing to find out. 

History of the Marvel Universe #5 Writer- Mark Waid Artist- Javier Rodriguez
    If you want to know a broad strokes overview of the Marvel Universe, this series is your opportunity. It is told from the perspective of a far future conversation between Galactus and Franklin Richards. 

Savage Sword of Conan #11 Writer- Roy Thomas Artist Alan Davis
   I shouldn't have to pimp Conan at you. 

Tomb of Dracula #10 Facsimile Edition 
    This is the first appearance of Blade! Amazing reprint!

X-men #2 Writer Jonathon Hickman Artist Lenil Fancis Yu
   Will we still be grossed out by the possible threesome of Wolverine, Jean, and Cyclops? Will Storm continue to sound like the most insane religious zealot ever? Will Vulcan still be grilling? Are the Starjammers going to be unnecessary pieces of two comics? Find out here. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Comic Book Reading Priority

Wednesdays really make the week for me. The kid doesn't have school so I get a little more time with her. I have a standing meeting at work that drags me in a little early. This gives me an excuse to leave a little early (when I can) and I try to get home before the little one is in bed. This often doesn't work, but I get excited about the idea. Also, it is new Comic Book Day.

As an almost forty year old man new comic books really shouldn't excite me as much as they do. By the standards of adulthood and maturity that the adults of my childhood attempted to install in me I need to,"put away childish things." Thankfully, I am not slave to such draconian ideas. I strongly suspect I will enjoy comic books, role playing games, video games, and cartoons my whole life through.

If you have paid attention to my Comic Book Pull List posts or listened to the podcast you know that I am an avid reader. I really do devour stories. I typically finish an audiobook a week. I will also read myself to sleep on the Kindle and plow through a novel or two on top of that. I really am rather insatiable in my love of the narrative.

Recently, I have experienced an unintended side effect of the podcast. I pick my books up on Wednesday as early as I am able. I rarely read more than a book or two that day. The last few weeks I have not even had a chance to put my books in reading order until Thursday.

Yes. I do have a reading priority every week. I tackle key issues first.Think of key issues as stuff introducing a new character, introducing a new power for a character, a character going through a major change, or a character dying. Batman #77 is a good example. The death of Alfred Pennyworth is a major life event for Batman. It puts that issue at the top of the pile.

After that comes any #1s. Love it or hate it #1 issues drive sales. Lots of readers get excited for new beginnings. Proportionately, the creators behind the comics work hard at grabbing the audience with #1 issues. I will say that X-men #1 might be a lackluster example of this. On the other hand, take a look at Marauders #1. Kate Pride breaking her nose on a portal to Krakoa in the first couple of pages set the tone for the rest of the issue. It was a delight.

 I work my way through event books next. Event books are a mixed bag. I think of it like a long term couple trying to spice up their sex life with a little kink. The event is going to give you their creators and characters putting forth their very best effort to give you something new and exciting. In all reality you often end up with more of the same thing you have been used to for a good long time. It always starts off strong and then reels things back in to a nice safe and comfortable place.

As an example of this I will point to Absolute Carnage. Donny Cates got off to a creepy start with lots of recognizable dead bodies in one big mass grave. Eddie Brock is having to reach out to Spidey for help. Spidey is his typical self, but Eddie has a new twist of responsibility for his son. The Venom symbiote is uncharacteristically blood thirsty and wants Carnage dead. Things are familiar but just far enough outside our comfort zone as to be interesting. In issue 3 we climax with Venom Hulk. By mid issue four Carnage has claimed the Venom Symbiote and Eddie magically gathers together a new suite from the cast off Codices. We are back to comfortable to finish things off. For further reference on this phenomenon please see Secret Empire, Spider Island, Convergence, Civil War, Civil War II, Secret War, Secret Wars, and most other events. There are exceptions (House/ Powers of X), but events are frustrating.

Next, I read ongoing series stuff like Batman, Flash, or Doctor Strange. These story lines make up the heart of comics. Characters and villains change very little from issue to issue for the most part. Somehow Batman fighting his (mostly) unchanging rogues gallery has remained (mostly) fresh for 70 years. I respect the creators that give us more than 50 issues of the same story. Books like The Walking Dead, Invincible, or Saga are really worthwhile. They break the status quo, and give the comics community something substantial.

 I finish up with mini series stuff like Death's Head or Dead Man Logan. These books are normally good for character evolution. They may or may not have universe effecting consequences, but I typically enjoy these books more than the events. They make almost no pretense about their importance in the greater narrative. Oddly enough because of their compartmentalized nature, mini series often tie up plot lines and set the stage for new ones. I like saving the best for last.

It is funny that I am having a problem as a side effect of the Podcast. I grab all my books on Wednesday and do my level best to read everything so I can report on them in the review episode we record on Sunday morning. This is a labor of love and I have a blast plowing through 15 to 20 issues in 4 days.

It typically means that Sunday afternoon, Monday, and Tuesday are completely and utterly bereft of comic reading. I find myself more and more caught up on back issues and books I only read in trade paperback. My back log of books is lacking. It leaves me a little bit at loose ends for those breaks and lunches. It is a strange problem to have. I tend to fill the time with lots of writing, D&D prep, and podcast prep. Sometimes I worry that I am one dimensional.

There are worse problems to have.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 11/06/2019

This is a very Image heavy week for me. Berserker Unbound will come off this list with issue #4 (although, I would almost expect to see it return) The week feels very much like a 90s antihero celebration with King's Batman, Ghost Rider, Savage Avengers, X-Force, and Vampirella all in the line up. That is no bad thing.

Dark Horse

Berserker Unbound #4 Writer Jeff Lemire Artist Mike Deodato
   The Mogrel King finally faces the Sorcerer that murdered his family. I will be impressed if they tie up the mini series in this issue. Never underestimate Jeff Lemire.


Batman #82 Writer Tom King Artist Mikel Janin
   Only 4 issues remain in Tom King's run. Batman is back in Gotham and headed for a fight with his Father and eventually Bane. 

Green Lantern Blackstars #1 Writer Grant Morrison Artist Xermanico
   Is Hal undercover for the Guardians? Has Hal switched sides? It is well worth 3 issues to find out. Embrace the Multiverse insanity!

Justice League #35 Writer Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV Artist Francis Manapul 
   I think this is the flagship book of the DCU. Doom has won the war for the heart of the universe. Also, Hawkgirl's rage and anger caused her to DOOM everyone. I wasn't surprised. Now she can be emotionally tortured while fixing it. 


Vengeance of Vampirella #2 Writer Tom Sniegoski Artist Michael Sta. Maria
   The first issue absolutely exceeded my every expectation. It set up such a beautiful mythology. I am super excited for this one. 


Dead Eyes #2 Writer Gerry Duggan Artist John McCrea
   This is a case where I am showing writer loyalty more than speaking to the merits of the book. Now I am not saying Dead Rabbit Eyes isn't an amazing read. I genuinely don't know. I have been carrying around issue #1 since it released. I had decided to pass because the original concept didn't interest me, but I have really come to appreciate Gerry Duggan's writing. I *plan* to have this read by the time this releases under its new title.

Deadly Class #41 Writer Rick Remender Artist Jordan Boyd
   Richard put me on to this Remender gem. It is an oddly philosophical piece considering that it is staged in the 1980's in a boarding school for assassins. I am not a fan of any specific character. Honestly, I am following along at this point to see how much misery the characters are going to go through.

Death or Glory #6 Writer Rick Remender Artist Begal
   Cars, motorcycles, kidney failure, and trafficking humans for organ harvest. This is the best type of heist book. Also, Rick Remender.

Die #9 Writer Kieron Gillen Artist Stephanie Hans
   I want to say that this book birthed the RPG comic genre, but that is probably unfair. It certainly defined the genre and raised the bar. This one is just meta enough to be satisfying. It is also fantastically moody.

Manifest Destiny #38 Writer Chris Dingess Artist Matthew Roberts, Own Gieni
   The Lewis & Clark Expedition meets Supernatural. After a long hiatus issue #37 did not wow me. I am really hoping this one picks up the pace. It is a nice dense read though.

Sonata #6 Writer Dave Hine, Brian Haberlin Artist Brian Haberlin
   This is a sci fi epic in the making. Firefly meets Enemy Mine splashed generously with Shadows of the Colossus. Sonata is refreshing.

Undiscovered Country #1 Writer Charles Soule, Scott Snyder Artist Daniell Orlandini
   I would read almost anything Scott Snyder. He has my trust at this point. Charles Soule has yet to steer me wrong either. Joint venture? Sign me up. Oh the book has an interesting premise too.


Amazing Spider-man #33 Writer Nick Spencer Artist Patrick Gleason
   2099 tie in. 

Doctor Doom #2 Writer Christopher Cantwell Artist Salvador Larroca
   #1 stole the week against House/ Powers and a couple of Black Label drops. I cannot wait for this book. 

Fantastic Four #16 Writer Dan Slott Artist Sean Izaakse
   I am not excited about the current arc, but this book has been incredibly well written.

Ghost Rider #2 Writer Ed Brisson Artist Aaron Kuder
   I LOVE Ghost Rider and it isn't just the whole motorcycle thing. I am thrilled Danny Ketch is back in the mix. I think Johnny is the stronger Ghost Rider though.

Immortal Hulk #26 Writer Al Ewing Artist Joe Bennett 
   Last issue put the Leader back in the story. This has been one of the best books on the shelf for the entire run.

New Mutants #1 Writer Jonathon Hickman & Ed Brisson Artist Rod Reis 
   I have always been extremely skeptical of these characters. They aren't "new" anymore. At the same time I am dying to see what direction they are going. The 4th part of the Bagley Every Mutant Ever Cover drops with this book.

Old Man Quill #11 Writer Ethan Sacks Artist Robert Gill
   Is this book concluded yet? One more issue, ugh, fine.

Savage Avengers #11 Writer Gerry Duggan Artist Patrick Zircher
   Enter Elektra? Yes, please.

X-Force #1 Writer Ben Percy Artist Joshua Cassara 
   Beast, Jean Grey, Sage, Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Domino.... This one will be interesting. The 5th piece of Bagley's every Mutant Ever covers is here. 


December 2nd Comic Books on a Budget