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Comic Book Pull List 11/06/2019

This is a very Image heavy week for me. Berserker Unbound will come off this list with issue #4 (although, I would almost expect to see it return) The week feels very much like a 90s antihero celebration with King's Batman, Ghost Rider, Savage Avengers, X-Force, and Vampirella all in the line up. That is no bad thing.

Dark Horse

Berserker Unbound #4 Writer Jeff Lemire Artist Mike Deodato
   The Mogrel King finally faces the Sorcerer that murdered his family. I will be impressed if they tie up the mini series in this issue. Never underestimate Jeff Lemire.


Batman #82 Writer Tom King Artist Mikel Janin
   Only 4 issues remain in Tom King's run. Batman is back in Gotham and headed for a fight with his Father and eventually Bane. 

Green Lantern Blackstars #1 Writer Grant Morrison Artist Xermanico
   Is Hal undercover for the Guardians? Has Hal switched sides? It is well worth 3 issues to find out. Embrace the Multiverse insanity!

Justice League #35 Writer Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV Artist Francis Manapul 
   I think this is the flagship book of the DCU. Doom has won the war for the heart of the universe. Also, Hawkgirl's rage and anger caused her to DOOM everyone. I wasn't surprised. Now she can be emotionally tortured while fixing it. 


Vengeance of Vampirella #2 Writer Tom Sniegoski Artist Michael Sta. Maria
   The first issue absolutely exceeded my every expectation. It set up such a beautiful mythology. I am super excited for this one. 


Dead Eyes #2 Writer Gerry Duggan Artist John McCrea
   This is a case where I am showing writer loyalty more than speaking to the merits of the book. Now I am not saying Dead Rabbit Eyes isn't an amazing read. I genuinely don't know. I have been carrying around issue #1 since it released. I had decided to pass because the original concept didn't interest me, but I have really come to appreciate Gerry Duggan's writing. I *plan* to have this read by the time this releases under its new title.

Deadly Class #41 Writer Rick Remender Artist Jordan Boyd
   Richard put me on to this Remender gem. It is an oddly philosophical piece considering that it is staged in the 1980's in a boarding school for assassins. I am not a fan of any specific character. Honestly, I am following along at this point to see how much misery the characters are going to go through.

Death or Glory #6 Writer Rick Remender Artist Begal
   Cars, motorcycles, kidney failure, and trafficking humans for organ harvest. This is the best type of heist book. Also, Rick Remender.

Die #9 Writer Kieron Gillen Artist Stephanie Hans
   I want to say that this book birthed the RPG comic genre, but that is probably unfair. It certainly defined the genre and raised the bar. This one is just meta enough to be satisfying. It is also fantastically moody.

Manifest Destiny #38 Writer Chris Dingess Artist Matthew Roberts, Own Gieni
   The Lewis & Clark Expedition meets Supernatural. After a long hiatus issue #37 did not wow me. I am really hoping this one picks up the pace. It is a nice dense read though.

Sonata #6 Writer Dave Hine, Brian Haberlin Artist Brian Haberlin
   This is a sci fi epic in the making. Firefly meets Enemy Mine splashed generously with Shadows of the Colossus. Sonata is refreshing.

Undiscovered Country #1 Writer Charles Soule, Scott Snyder Artist Daniell Orlandini
   I would read almost anything Scott Snyder. He has my trust at this point. Charles Soule has yet to steer me wrong either. Joint venture? Sign me up. Oh the book has an interesting premise too.


Amazing Spider-man #33 Writer Nick Spencer Artist Patrick Gleason
   2099 tie in. 

Doctor Doom #2 Writer Christopher Cantwell Artist Salvador Larroca
   #1 stole the week against House/ Powers and a couple of Black Label drops. I cannot wait for this book. 

Fantastic Four #16 Writer Dan Slott Artist Sean Izaakse
   I am not excited about the current arc, but this book has been incredibly well written.

Ghost Rider #2 Writer Ed Brisson Artist Aaron Kuder
   I LOVE Ghost Rider and it isn't just the whole motorcycle thing. I am thrilled Danny Ketch is back in the mix. I think Johnny is the stronger Ghost Rider though.

Immortal Hulk #26 Writer Al Ewing Artist Joe Bennett 
   Last issue put the Leader back in the story. This has been one of the best books on the shelf for the entire run.

New Mutants #1 Writer Jonathon Hickman & Ed Brisson Artist Rod Reis 
   I have always been extremely skeptical of these characters. They aren't "new" anymore. At the same time I am dying to see what direction they are going. The 4th part of the Bagley Every Mutant Ever Cover drops with this book.

Old Man Quill #11 Writer Ethan Sacks Artist Robert Gill
   Is this book concluded yet? One more issue, ugh, fine.

Savage Avengers #11 Writer Gerry Duggan Artist Patrick Zircher
   Enter Elektra? Yes, please.

X-Force #1 Writer Ben Percy Artist Joshua Cassara 
   Beast, Jean Grey, Sage, Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Domino.... This one will be interesting. The 5th piece of Bagley's every Mutant Ever covers is here. 


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