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Comic Book Pull List 11/13/2019


un/sacred #1 Writer/ Artist Mirka Andolfo 
   I will be honest that I have not looked too much into what this is about. The book has cutesey art. It is written and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo. I don't really need anything else. 

Dark Horse

Black Hammer/ Justice League #5 Writer- Jeff Lemire Artist- Michael Walsh
   I haven't read a single issue because I have not caught up on Black Hammer. I am collecting them on the premise of crossover events are historically fun. Also, Garin raves about this one. It is not published by DC though, Garin. 


Detective Comics #1015 Writer- Peter J Tomasi Artist- Doug Mahnke & Jamie Mendoza
   Mr. and Mrs. Freis. Who knew that Norah was a vicious bitch? 

Event Leviathan #6  Writer Brian Michael Bendis Artist Alex Maleev
   I expect this to end with long lasting repercussions for the DCU. I strongly suspect that the events here lead to Superman revealing his Clark Kent identity (though I could be wrong) I also cannot wait to see who is underneath the mask of Leviathan.

Flash #82 Writer Joshua Williamson Artist Rafa Sandoval
   Now begins the Reign of the Rogues? I mostly just love Captain Cold. 

Superman #17 Writer Brian Michael Bendis Artist Kevin Maguire & Sean Parsons
   I am picking this one up in anticipation of the big identity reveal in issue #18. 

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night Writer Tim Seeley Artist Kyle Hotz & Dexter Vines
   These have been so good. Much like the Elseworlds or What if?! series these books take seminal moments in the DCU's history and flip the script on the results. I cannot wait for this read. 


Sea of Stars #5 Writer- Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum Artist Stephen Green
   Honestly, I have struggled through this series. It is a Father/Son, Survival, Exploration book. It isn't bad. It just isn't my cup of tea. If this issue doesn't leave me wanting more I will drop this one. 


Age of Conan Valeria #4  Writer Meredith Finch Artist Aneke 
   Valeria really needs her own ongoing series. She is fierce, fun, and determined. I have enjoyed every issue. 

Fallen Angels #1 Writer- Bryan Edward Hill Artist- Szymon Kudanski
   Kwannon, Cable, and X-23. This could be fantastic. It also could be ridiculous. I am willing to find out. 

History of the Marvel Universe #5 Writer- Mark Waid Artist- Javier Rodriguez
    If you want to know a broad strokes overview of the Marvel Universe, this series is your opportunity. It is told from the perspective of a far future conversation between Galactus and Franklin Richards. 

Savage Sword of Conan #11 Writer- Roy Thomas Artist Alan Davis
   I shouldn't have to pimp Conan at you. 

Tomb of Dracula #10 Facsimile Edition 
    This is the first appearance of Blade! Amazing reprint!

X-men #2 Writer Jonathon Hickman Artist Lenil Fancis Yu
   Will we still be grossed out by the possible threesome of Wolverine, Jean, and Cyclops? Will Storm continue to sound like the most insane religious zealot ever? Will Vulcan still be grilling? Are the Starjammers going to be unnecessary pieces of two comics? Find out here. 


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