Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Comic Book Retrospective Analysis

By nature I am an introspective and analytical person. For all of you laughing out loud at the idea of me being an introvert let me educate you quickly. Being an introvert or an extrovert is not about being quiet or loud in public. It has to do with where you recharge your energy. I have learned and adapted to function in public, in crowds, and in front of mobs of people. The process wears me out. I have to get quite a bit of alone time to recharge.

Because of my reflective nature I like to analyze. I track almost everything in my life. With all the data I gather it is sometimes fun just to look at it different ways and see what can be learned.

The first thing I learned is that I spent way too much on comic books this year. I averaged $329.43 per month. That is about $83 a week. I totaled out at $3953.13 per year. That is almost exactly $1000 over 2018 ($2922.79) and more than $1500 up from 2017 ($2329.42). Some of that can be attributed from an increase in average comic book price from $2.99 to $3.99. I continue to see that price point creep upward on both Marvel and DC. It looks as if the goal is to average $4.99 per book in the near future. While that won't be a complete jumping off point for me I cannot buy 15 books per week at $5 a piece and look at myself in the mirror.

Seeing my habit increase an average of $500 per year makes me feel a little out of control. I do quite a bit of writing, talking, and thinking about comic books. I do think it is time to consider carefully how I spend my comic book dollars.

So what did $3953.13 buy me you might ask? Well, that data is a little imprecise. I bought a few graphic novels and trades along the way and while I have that data it is not as neatly organized as my weekly trips to my local comic book shop. I will say the majority of this money WAS on my weekly pull list, but since I cannot be to the penny precise I won't go into average weekly spend and discount versus retail cost.

To be fair, I did crunch all of those numbers. The data is skewed. Moving on.

I read a metric ton of Marvel Comics. I read 54 Marvel Titles not counting all the individual books for events like Age of X-man or 2099. This made up 341 Issues.

The most individual issues goes to Amazing Spider-man at a count of 25 issues. Immortal Hulk comes in at 17 issues with Avengers at 16. I wouldn't have guessed at this result since I consider X-men my favorite part of the Marvel Universe. If you add up all of the X-Titles, I read 102 X-related issues this year. It was a good year for the X-men if you do away with Age of X-man which was simply dreadful.

Conan the Barbarian had a great year. At a quick glance there were about 46 titles I picked up related to him. I don't feel as if any of those were wasted money. I look forward to more swords and sorcery in 2020 and beyond.

It follows Logic that DC comics makes up the 2nd most read company. I broke DC down into 3 categories: DC, DC Black Label, and Vertigo. All together I read 236 issues from these companies. They break down as follows: Vertigo 28 issues, Black Label 24 issues, and DC 174 issues.

The main Universe is where I focus most of my reading. I read 26 issues of Batman, 24 issues of Detective Comics, and 24 issues of Justice League. Interestingly enough if I add up all of the titles that are about Batman, Joker, or Harley Quinn the total number is 98 issues. That likely indicates accurately that Batman and his pals are my favorite characters. Sean Murphy is hands down my favorite Batman writer. I would love to see him take the helm in the main continuity.

Here is the list of Titles and Issue Count:

Company  Title  # of Issues
Ablaze  Unsacred 2
Aftershock  Knights Temporal  4
Boom  Once & Future  5
Boom  Faithless  3
Dark Horse  Black Hammer/ JL 5
Dark Horse  Berserker Unbound 4
Dark Horse  The Orville  4
Dark Horse  Tommy Gun Wizards 2
Dark Horse  Strayed 1
DC Batman   26
DC Detective Comics 24
DC Justice League  24
DC The Flash  17
DC Green Lantern  14
DC Batman Beyond  11
DC The Batman Who Laughs 9
DC DCeased 7
DC Event Leviathan  6
DC Heroes in Crisis 6
DC Batman & the Outsiders  5
DC Batman Superman  5
DC Tales from the Dark Multiverse 5
DC Doomsday Clock  4
DC Year of the Villain  3
DC Legion of Super Heroes 2
DC Superman  2
DC Flash Forward  1
DC Freedom Fighters  1
DC Harley Quinn Poison Ivy 1
DC Hell Arisen  1
DC Black Label Batman Curse of the White Knight 5
DC Black Label Batman Last Knight on Earth  3
DC Black Label Harleen 3
DC Black Label Last God  3
DC Black Label Superman Year One  3
DC Black Label Joker Killer Smile  2
DC Black Label Batman Damned 1
DC Black Label Batman White Knight Von Freeze 1
DC Black Label Dark Knight Returns the Golden Child 1
DC Black Label Joker Harley Criminal Sanity  1
DC Black Label Wonder Woman Dead Earth  1
Dynamite  Bettie Page Unbound 9
Dynamite  Vampirella 5
Dynamite  Chassity 4
Dynamite  Bettie Page 3
Dynamite  Vengeance of Vampirella 3
IDW Shredder in Hell  4
IDW  Canto  6
IDW  Usagi Yojimbo  4
Image  Criminal  12
Image  Outer Darkness  10
Image  Die 9
Image  Curse Words 8
Image  Deadly Class 7
Image  Unnatural  7
Image  Redneck 6
Image  Sonata  6
Image  Crowded 5
Image  East of West  5
Image  Sea of Stars  5
Image  Analog  4
Image  Self Made 4
Image  Blackbird 3
Image  Dead Eyes 3
Image  Manifest Destiny  3
Image  Prodigy  3
Image  Safe Sex 3
Image  Death or Glory  2
Image  The Marked  2
Image  Undiscovered Country 2
Image  Assassination Nation  1
Image  Coffinbound  1
Image  Magic Order 1
Image  Pretty Violent 1
Image  Reaver 1
Image  Seven to Eternity  1
Image  Unearth  1
Marvel Age of X-man 30
Marvel Amazing Spider-man  25
Marvel Immortal Hulk  17
Marvel Avengers  16
Marvel Uncanny X-men  15
Marvel X-Force 13
Marvel Conan the Barbarian 12
Marvel Doctor Strange  12
Marvel Old Man Quill  12
Marvel Savage Sword of Conan  12
Marvel Avengers No Road Home  10
Marvel Fantastic Four  10
Marvel Marvel Comics Presents 9
Marvel Savage Avengers  9
Marvel 2099 8
Marvel Dead Man Logan  7
Marvel War of the Realms  7
Marvel Absolute Carnage  6
Marvel History of the Marvel Universe  6
Marvel House of X  6
Marvel Jane Foster Valkyrie  6
Marvel Powers of X  6
Marvel Spider-man Life Story  6
Marvel Age of Conan Valeria  5
Marvel Loki  5
Marvel Wolverine & the Infinity Watch 5
Marvel X-23 5
Marvel Age of Conan Belit  4
Marvel Death's Head  4
Marvel Excalibur  4
Marvel Fallen Angels  4
Marvel King Thor  4
Marvel Marauders  4
Marvel New Mutants  4
Marvel Doctor Doom  3
Marvel Ghost Rider  3
Marvel Spider-man   3
Marvel Superior Spider-man 3
Marvel X-men 3
Marvel Black Cat  2
Marvel Conan Serpent War  2
Marvel Return of Wolverine  2
Marvel Aero  1
Marvel Black Order 1
Marvel Domino  1
Marvel Ghost Spider  1
Marvel Incoming 1
Marvel Infinity Wars 1
Marvel Invisible Woman 1
Marvel Marvel Comics 1000  1
Marvel Spider-geddon 1
Marvel Symbiote Spider-man  1
Marvel Thanos  1
Marvel Weapon Plus  1
Oni Press  Rick & Morty vs. D&D II Painscape 3
Vault  Moneyshot  3
Vertigo Lucifer 5
Vertigo The Dreaming  5
Vertigo Books of Magic  4
Vertigo Goddess Mode 4
Vertigo Hex Wives 4
Vertigo High Level  4
Vertigo House of Whispers 2

Make of it what you will, 2019 was a good year in comics. I plan to use the above information to spend smarter in 2020. I am paying more attention to what I love and what I like. Nest year I would like to spend about $1500 less and end up with a collection I am happier with.

We shall see.

Comic Book Pull List 01/01/2020


Batman Beyond #39
Detective Comics #1018
Flash #85
Joker/ Harley Criminal Sanity #2


Death or Glory #8
Manifest Destiny #40


Doctor Doom #4
Marauders #5
Thor #1 
   Donny Cates takes the wheel with Thor. While I will miss Jason Aaron, I am very curious about the change of pace. 
X-men #4

Monday, December 23, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 12/25/2019


Bettie Page Unbound #8


Criminal #11
East of West #45


Doctor Strange #1
Incoming #1

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 12/18/2019


Un/sacred #2


Once & Future #5


Batman #85 - The last issue in Tom King's run. 
Batman Last Knight on Earth #3- The final issue of Scott Snyder & Greg Cappulo's Dark Knight
Batman Superman #5
Doomsday Clock #12- The end. 
Harleen #3- Final Issue
Joker Killer Smile #2
Justice League #38
Last God #3
Hell Arisen #1 - Apex Lex vs the Batman Who Laughs


Chassity #4
Vampirella #2 Replica Edition


2099 Omega #1- So glad to be done with this. 
Amazing Spider-man #36
Avengers #28
Conan Serpent War #2
Excalibur #4
Fallen Angels #4 - The only hard to read X title. 
History of the Marvel Universe #6 - I really hope Marvel has Mark Waid give annual updates. 
King Thor #4- The End of Jason Aaron's Thor Run. 
Marauders #4
New Mutants #4
Spider-man #3
X-Force #4

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 12/11/2019


Batman Curse of the White Knight #5
Detective Comics #1017
Flash #84
Superman #18
Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Judas Contract #1 


Bettie Page Unbound #7


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100


Deadly Class #42


Age of Conan Valeria #5- Final Issue
Doom 2099 #1
Fallen Angels #3
Ghost Rider #3
Immortal Hulk #28
New Mutants #3
Savage Sword of Conan #12
Spider-man 2099 #1
Jane Foster Valkyrie #6
X-Force #3

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Comic Book Pull List 12/4/2019


Batman #84
Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 Facsimile Edition
Green Lanterns: Blackstars #2
Justice League #37
   Scott Snyder, you better pull something out on this one after making the Hall of Justice a giant mechanized Battle Beetle in the last one. Shenanigans. Cute, cheeky Shenanigans, but Shenanigans all the same. 


Vengeance of Vampirella #3


Shredder in Hell #5


Dead Eyes #3
    New content starts here. This is Gerry Duggan. You should be reading it. 
Death or Glory #7
Die #10
Manifest Destiny #39


Amazing Spider-man #35
   Nick Spencer, at this point I am sticking around to see what happens with Kindred. Reel it back in, sir. 
Conan Serpent War #1
   Solomon Kane, Moon Knight, Dark Agnes, and Conan! Yes. All the yes. 
Doctor Doom #3
   One of the best capes and tights series on the market. 
Excalibur #3
   Tini Howard absolutely kills it with Besty Braddock and the mutant formerly known as Apocalypse. 
Ghost Rider 2099 #1
   If there is a book I am really worried about buying this week, this is it. 
Marauders #3
   Pyro got a face tattoo in the last one. Oh, and Kate Pryde is the Red Queen. I cannot wait to see where this goes!
Old Man Quill #12
   Finally, the freaking end. 
Savage Avengers #8
Star Wars #1 Facsimile Edition
Venom 2099
   How can they screw this up? Yes, I know I am tempting fate. 
X-men #3

If I only had $20...

  1. Marauders #3
  2. Conan Serpent War #1
  3. Dead Eyes #3
  4. X-men #3

December 2nd Comic Books on a Budget