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March 4 Comic Book Pull List

DC Batman #90 Justice League #42 Dynamite Vengeance of Vampirella #6 Image Mirka Andolfo's Mercy #1 Marvel Conan Battle for the Serpent Crown #2 Doctor Doom #6 Dr. Strange #4 Excalibur #8 Marauders #9 Dark Agnes #2 Savage Avengers #11 Strange Academy #1 Vault Money Shot #5

Perception is Reality: Another Lesson in Humility

This has not been my favorite week. I started Sunday out with extreme, explosive digestive distress. I missed working Sunday and Monday. I rarely, ever miss work. It makes me feel out of control. I probably have issues there.

I recovered about 60%. I probably wasn't at my best Tuesday. I had an early meeting. I made a bit of a fool of myself. I have a ton of faith in my boss, and when he coached me on it I managed to push aside my natural reactions and tried to learn something from my screw up. I care about being good at what I do both personally and professionally. I take quite a bit of pride in the pursuits of my life.

I won't ever get into details on what I currently do for a living because 1) I have professional title. and 2) The company doesn't have any need to be associated with the projects I work on in my personal life. I am aware that things I say here can be interpreted in controversial ways. I have had my blog used against me before. Having that legal separation…

The Grand Unified Theory of Human Growth and Development

I have decided to officially pronounce the human race a failure. We are a stupid, ugly race. Moreover, I am not certain that we should continue to allow ourselves to survive. The only reason I don't set out today to conquer the planet and begin the much needed process of doing away with humanity is that I am completely lazy and lack anything near the motivation. Still, I have a point; You know I do.

So what got me to arrive at this complete lack of use for my fellow man? Well, aside from the fact that we lack a complete and accurate history of our own I realized that we are not trying to learn and evolve in any meaningful way. Obviously I am using a bit of hyperbole here, but really as the only species on the planet to use tools, develop language, and advance through knowledge we should be much further along than we are. Don't believe me?

Humans have been on the planet for at least several thousand years. That can be agreed upon by all races and religions. In that time there h…

February 26 Comic Book Pull List

Ablaze Mirka Andolfo's Un/sacred #4 DC Batman Beyond #41 Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7 Detective Comics #1020 The Flash #123 Facsimile Edition The Last God #5 Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 Diamond Comics Previews #378 Dynamite Chastity #5 IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika #1 Image Redneck #26 Sex Criminals #27 Marvel Avengers #31 Avengers of the Wasteland #2 Ghost Rider #5 Giant Sized X-men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 New Mutants #8 Star Wars #3 Wolverine #1 Facsimile Edition X-Force #8 X-men #7 X-men/ Fantastic Four #2

Adventures in Podcasting: Introduction

Nearly three years ago I decided to stop talking about starting a podcast and actually figure out how to create one. That is not entirely true. I had been planning and plotting a podcast for about a year. I love to talk. I love to have an audience. Almost every review of this blog has said that reading it is like listening to me talk. It seemed logical to make the next step, but I was also acutely aware that my podcast did not need to work like my blog. I doubt anyone wants to hear me prattle away for 30 to 45 minutes about my silly ideas about life. My blog has often been a glorified string of rants. I am internationally known for my short-sighted and often controversial rants.

In the same way I wanted my blog to have greater meaning, I wanted my podcast to have form and function. Rants are all well and good, but without inspiration it would be difficult to launch into one on a weekly schedule. I decided that I wanted to podcast thematically about a hobby I was passionate about. That…

February 19 Comic Book Pull List

DC Batman #89 Joker Killer Smile #3 (of 3) Justice League #41 IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #103 Image Deadly Class #43 Undiscovered  Country #4
Marvel Conan the Barbarian #13 Fantastic Four #19 Marauders #8 New Mutants #7 Valkyrie Jane Foster #8 Wolverine #1

February 12 Comic Book Pull LIst

DC Batman: Pennyworth R.I.P. #1 Green Lantern Season 2 #1 Dynamite  Vampirella #3 1969 Replica Edition Marvel Dr. Strange #3 Excalibur #7 Immortal Hulk #31 Savage Avengers #10 Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren #3 Thor #3 Wolverine #1 Claremont and Miller Facsimile Edition X-Force #7 X-men #6

February 5 Comic Book Pull List

Aftershock The Man Who F*&%$# Up Time #1    From the creator of Outer Darkness comes a really fun read about time travel.  Dark Horse Crone #4   The writer and artist are two of the friendliest people that Garin and I have interviewed. The story is fun, and has some great twists and turns
DC Batman #88    Tynion is crafting a gadget filled tale of intrigue. Since #86 has been the best Batman since Snyder's Endgame.  Joker/ Harley: Criminal Sanity #3    This re-imagining is Dexter meets the Dark Knight universe.  Justice League #40
Dynamite Vengeance of Vampirella #5 Image Crowded #11    This is one of my absolute favorite non capes and tights books.  Manifest Destiny #41    Lewis and Clark have some secrets all their own.  Marvel Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown #1 Dark Agnes #1 Doctor Doom #5 Marauders #7 Savage Avengers #0 Star Wars: Darth Vader #1    Greg Pak gained a lot of my love and respect with this one.  X-men/ Fantastic Four #1    Chip Zdarsky, I love you, man. 

Love Explained

Valentine's Day is in six days. I have words on my heart because of it. Some of my friends and the people I love are hurting because they are spending February 14 alone. I have certainly been there and done that. Being alone doesn't necessarily mean that you are not in a relationship. It is all about feeling as if you have a sense of connection that fills you full of hope and mutual compassion to just be together. If you feel that way what I am about to write is probably meant for you. I'm not sure of my audience today. I woke up with this rattling fully formed in my head. Like some medieval mystic, I am at the keys in a near trance letting the words pass through me and trying not to get in their way too much.
I do not feel like Valentine's Day has ever really been about love. It is about celebrating having some one. There are times I have done this really well. There are other times that I was too busy feeling sorry for myself for not having someone or not having the …