My name is David Cantrell and this is my website. I am an amateur writer and podcast personality. I enjoy philosophy, life strategy, storytelling, fantasy (particularly of the urban variety) literature, role playing games, comic books, board and card games, motorcycles, kayaks, hiking trails, and most of all the company of my kids.
I am certainly a nerd, but I consider myself an action and adventure nerd. I cannot run a mile in six minutes...yet, but I do enjoy the outdoors and almost anything on two wheels. I still qualify as an indoor nerd because the tan is mostly a farmer's tan.
I am cursed to enjoy the sound of my own voice. The narrative voice in my head produces my fiction and very opinionated blog. My gift of gab pushes out my recording projects. Most of them will be found here, but I also love published with my buddy Garin on The Printed Panel Podcast. Find us on Spreaker and Itunes.

I love connecting with people and sharing ideas. My blog has been ongoing since 2005 in one form or another. I like to think I say something valid every once in a while. Most of the time I am probably just being a fanboy. Either way I love hearing what people think and feel about my content! Please reach out and start a conversation. No promises I won't talk you into letting me record it and post it online.

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