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The Rules

I believe that life can be lived in a right and wrong way. I do not define right and wrong in terms of good or evil. I think living right leads to a sense of personal satisfaction with how you spend your time and your effort. To that end I have used my life experience to develop a set of rules based on my life experiences.
The order of the rules and the rules themselves change. Once upon a time, "Don't get caught," was Rule #1. It kept me out of a great deal of trouble and taught me to weigh my thoughts and feelings before acting. It was superseded by the life changing," Take care of yourself." Both rules are important. It may be best to treat them as equally important. For that reason I have chosen to present them here unnumbered.

I have written about many of these rules in my blog. Where applicable I have linked to the post from the rule. I intend to continue writing about The Rules as times goes on and updating this page. My journey to wisdom will not end during my lifetime, and I am certain that I will change and The Rules will change along with me. Because of this I have decided to have a section of discarded rules as well. They may merit review.

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Don't get caught.
  • Take people, places, things, and situations as they are rather than the way you would like them to be.
  • Don't take no shit off nobody. Don't take any unnecessary shit from anyone.
  • Don't deal in the trivial.
  • The only place where you can be 100% in control is inside your own head.
  • Don't ask a question if you are not prepared to hear the answer
  • Don't pick a fight you have no way of winning.
  • Reject comfort and certainty.
  • Do not seek pleasure. Do not avoid pain.
  • No matter how little you have, someone will try to take it from you.
  • Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Do not put up with people who are reckless with yours.
Discarded Rules

Always be prepared. - You cannot possibly always be prepared for everything. This rule was impractical at best and dangerously insane at worst.
Take the most effective past to victory. - While this is good, practical advice it is also unnecessary. Winning is winning.
Eliminate Distraction- Again, this is practical, but sometimes distraction is a good and necessary part of life.
You cannot take revenge on your better. - Revenge? Who am I? Why do I need a rule related to revenge. How do I even define my better? At this point, I don't remember what I was thinking when I wrote this. I am guessing I was reading a fantasy or adventure novel.
Do not take anything personally.- I really enjoyed the Four Agreements, but this is impractical. The idea here is that everyone does what they do for reasons relating only to themselves. It is a very enlightened idea, but on occasion people will act against you. That is personal. I recommend dealing with situations like that realistically. I feel bad discarding this one, but it just is too dangerous to me currently.

I have a few Rules that I am chewing on. They aren't anything I have discarded, but they aren't quite worded right. For example, I have several rules that relate directly to keeping my mouth shut. I run my mouth entirely too much and it ALWAYS leads to trouble.
Don't complain.
Listen more than you speak.
The only way to keep a secret is to keep silent.
Unless it is for fun or to distract, never Argue.

All of those rules are great advice. They all basically say,"Shut up." Since they are all closely related, I want a way to express them that is cleaner and much more simplified. Stay tuned.


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